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Irving Berlin's new show, Mr. President, 1962
for the New York Times, Oct. 14 1962. Shoot was August 31, 1962.
Irving Berlin with Howard Lindsay, Russel Crouse.
Music Irving Berlin
Lyrics Irving Berlin. book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse and music and lyrics by Irving Berlin.
Archive includes Boston and Washington, D.C.. Includes the photos of all of the team including Nanette Fabray on an elephant and Robert Ryan. Attendees include President Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy, RFK and Ethel Kennedy, Allen Dulles. and other politicians.
The story focuses on US President Stephen Decatur Henderson, who runs into political trouble following a disastrous trip to the Soviet Union and his problems with his children. Bored with life as a civilian after his presidency ends, he decides to return to political life.

The original 1962 Broadway production ran for 265 performances. The piece was Irving Berlin's last musical.

The show had its first out-of-town tryout in Boston beginning on August 27, 1962 and was coolly received.[After extensive cuts and revisions, it was given another tryout at the National Theatre in Washington, DC, which was attended by President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy. The first couple congratulated Berlin on a hit.
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